Who We Are

Prenome is a Women’s Health Company dedicated to improving health outcomes. There are many gaps in our understanding of how hormones and pregnancy impact long-term health for women.  We aim to fill some of those gaps by studying the interactions between social determinants of health and our genetic make-up. We believe that our lived experience - where we live, what chemicals and environmental pollutants we’re exposed to, what we eat, how stressful our lives are – affect our health and the expression of our genes.  

Our goal is not only to understand genetic risk, but to develop strategies to reduce harmful outcomes for women who are at high risk.  We are starting with a common and significant problem – the development of diabetes during pregnancy called gestational diabetes. We are working to identify people at high risk for gestational diabetes before or early in pregnancy and then work with them to avoid the hormonal changes that lead to high blood sugars. Currently, women with gestational diabetes are given out of date handouts, instructions and diaries to track meals, snacks and blood sugars.  We tell people what to do (often without good studied evidence) but we don’t tell people HOW to do it. 

Prenome’s test will allow women to accurately understand their personal risk and our companion app will guide high risk women to coaches who can understand their personal needs. The app will help women appreciate their dietary habits and help them plan food shopping, weekly menus and meals their families can afford and will enjoy.  This is Prenome’s “high touch” – our commitment to understanding lifestyle, budget and women’s busy lives to guide them to a healthier pregnancy without expensive or intrusive intervention.  

    At Prenome we use high tech to bring women the high touch needed to achieve optimal health.